Bubba Kush Indoor


Here’s the thing. This is amazing, body RAWKING good stuff right here. I grew the pre-98 Bubba Kush clone many years ago, and to see a hemp version that shares the same identical and one of a hind aroma…simply incredible. This is the real deal. Would get a nod of approval from even the most jaded “I only smoke exotics bruh” stoner who looks down on hemp flower. It’s that good.

Dense, caked up with trichs, and with a nice spongey soft texture. The aroma is like some mixture of incense, chocolate shavings, coffee beans and mixed nuts. Unmistakable once you’ve smelled it because there’s nothing else like it.

Brings a heavier indica vibe with it, leaving you with a soft wrapped-in-cottonballs while on a cloud couch feeling. Terrific relief from anxiety and pain.

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