How does CBD make you feel?

Perhaps it doesn’t have the same dramatic psychoactive effect of THC, but for many people, CBD brings very real, noticeable side effects.

We scoured forums, Reddit and Facebook pages to search for how CBD makes people feel, and here’s a sample of what we discovered:

  • Slightly energized and elated
  • Senes heightened, with sounds becoming more identifiable and a more acute sense of your immediate environment
  • Better hand eye coordination, typing faster, walking smoother, better crowd navigation
  • More focused and less “monkey brain”. Able to concentrate on the task at hand without getting distracted or bouncing from tab to tab
  • Physically, dry mouth and enlarged eyes
  • After some time, get sleepy
  • Cozy and relaxed
  • For those with ADHD, some report it gives them energy while keeping their head calm

So…can CBD get me high?

Of course, if you’re taking a large dose of full spectrum tincture with close to 0.3% THC, and you have zero experience with cannabis, you may be super sensitive to the more active cannabinoid. It’s entirely possible you could feel a hint of the “high” associated with smoking, albeit unlikely.

One thing to keep in mind is the legal definition outlined by the Hemp Farm Bill only seems to cover delta-9 THC, the active component in weed that gets you high. It doesn’t mention THCA, which, by itself won’t get you high. Howerver if decarboxylated, can turn into the active form that gets you high.

Some hemp flower has a decent amount of THCA, so there’s more a chance you might feel a little bit high if you smoke the flower. With tinctures however, it’s far less likely.

What are some CBD side effects?

Generally speaking, side effects from CBD are mild. Most people experience very few things they’d describe as unpleasant. However, there are some possibilities.

  • Diarrhea – This is most common with tinctures containing MCT oil. Some people are more sensitive to MCT, which has been known to cause loose stool. If you’re taking a tincture containing MCT, it’s best to try a high potency one, 1000mg+, which increases the total mg per ml, meaning you get more CBD in a smaller dose.
  • Dry mouth – Anyone who’s smoked good cannabis knows about “cottonmouth”. CBD and other cannabinoids may interfere with saliva production, leaving your mouth a bit parched. Drink a lot of water!
  • Anxiety – Far and away one of the more prevalent reaons people take CBD is to help reduce their anxiety. Ironically the very thing many people hope will cure their anxiety increases it! In most cases, this happens when there’s a trace amount of THC, which is known to increase paranoid and anxiety in some folks.
  • Drowsiness – Whether or not getting sleep is an unwanted side effect depends on your reason for taking CBD, but many people report feeling a bit lazy, sleepy, or having a sense of “body high” after a dose. Of course, if you’re taking CBD for sleep, that may be a good thing. Not so much if you’re working the night shift.

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